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Commercial and industry compliant construction programs such as AISC 360-10, USACE, Colorado Resolution 35, CQC, Facility Management and more...

Popular Plans

Click here to learn if your compliance project is a candidate for a plan or a system.

Our Customers tell us they are hopeful to earn new business and keep existing business in their extremely competitive industry. Most of our Customers are being pushed into a compliance corner or are proactively documenting their practices in response to the trend they see in the industry.

Gratefully, all our Customers don't have to start documenting from scratch because of our extensive selection of construction programs. Most of our Customers find us just in time to make the grade or find us while searching for a solution to help them put out today's fire.

If you have a mature business that products or services but don't have a construction program to share with your Customers, then you'll be very satisfied to find the resources to document your existing system practices or create a new CQC plan to meet project requirements.

Some Customers want only enough "quality" to put out the fire and others want to do something to make sure things come together as planned.

Call to find the most practical and cost effective solution for your compliance project: 719-649-4242

Click here to learn if your compliance project is a candidate for a plan or a system.

Popular Plans

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The At-PQC™ catalog includes compliance documents for MIL-I-45208A, MIL-Q-9858A, AISC, ISO 9001, AS9003, USACE, TS16949, ISO 13485, AS9100, AS9110, AS9120 and more...

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We are hopeful your business prospers by using a simple inspection system like MIL-I-45208 instead of an ISO 9001 system or other industry standard. The pressure is mounting on all Suppliers and Contractors to operate some kind of system. The one with the most bang for the buck that has the smallest impact on the business culture is MIL-I-45208A. We suggest you do whatever you can to convince your Customer that MIL-I-45208 will work for your project because it only takes a few days to become fully compliant rather than a few months for other industry standards. There are no certification bodies for MIL-I but it is still the most popular program on the planet - call to learn more: 719-649-4242.

There is a higher level program than MIL-I-45208 that meets requirements from Customers that don't need their Suppliers to fully conform to ISO 9001. These Customers know the advantage of asking their Suppliers to do just a little bit more than the minimum, which helps them keep a larger pool of qualified Suppliers. Many Suppliers prefer to no-quote jobs that require ISO 9001 because the cost to implement ISO is more than the job is worth and none of their other Customers are asking for it. These ISO-required projects cause job costs to exceed program limits due to the Buyer's boilerplate requirement for compliance with ISO 9001. Click here to evaluate our Enhanced MIL-I-45208 kit.

Don't consider using MIL-Q-9858 because it is a money-pit, especially because it forces Users to apply an improvement tool that doesn't work for most businesses. Customers that purchase MIL-Q-9858 are driven to it by their Customers and we always send them the Lean ISO 9001 QMS kit, which is the same price but has much greater value because ISO 9001 is so well known.

We assiduously provide our Customers the most advantageous, efficient and lowest cost documents to complete their improvement projects. Browse our catalog and family of websites to find a plan that works in your business or call to learn more: 719-649-4242

AS9100 Quality System
Construction Quality Control
First Article Inspection

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Commercial and industry compliant plans

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Tailor ISO 10005 to remove content that doesn't match your business operation.

We helped a small Company a while back to complete an action item for that meant the world to them. We learned that they really care about work instructions for their employees so they hired a technical writer. Funny thing though, their tech-writer has been on their payroll for 5 years, which attests to the cost of tech-writing from scratch.

We visited with their tech-writer and learned that his production rate is about one page of content each work day. We saw many thick binders of work instructions for each product line so we chose one at random and asked if we could survey one of the processes. Almost immediately, we made observations that revealed the age of the work instruction and learned that "the process" had changed due to employee turnover but changes were not incorporated - oops...!

We recommended the Company take another path to reduce the content in their work instructions using process maps (flowcharts) and training; they did, but during the process they uncovered extensive changes to work instructions that were made by new and old employees to make their lives easier on the job.

We learned from this experience that the more words used in work instructions means more chances of unintended interpretation and degradation of engineering control over expected outcomes.

Our goal has always been to design "lean" documents that do not need to be updated for at least 5 years and preferably only by routine improvement opportunities. Click here to browse the catalog of policies, procedures, manuals, forms and Efficient QMS™ software or browse the navigation links.

Call to learn more about how to develop a practical and efficient management system for your compliance project: 719-649-4242

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We observe that most of our Customers are seeking business from new Customers that require them to comply with a standard for Aerospace. Most of our Customers have been in business for many years and never needed "Aerospace QA" before. We tell our Customers that taking on this improvement project will require true commitment and will change their business culture but the work can be done by themselves without a Consultant. We tell our Customers to signup with a Registrar as soon as possible and buy their Registrar's pre-assessment survey as an insurance policy. Click here to learn more about AS9100 or browse the navigation links.

Call to learn more about Aerospace QA: 719-649-4242

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Repair Station and PMA

FAA Compliance Templates

Most of our Customers have been in business for many years and are being continuously driven to comply with the latest FAA Order, CFR Regulation and Advisory Circular. Some of our Customers are just starting out and need help to get things started in the right direction. Quite a few DER's are retiring and want to start a Consulting career that find our documents readily available to assist their FAA compliance projects.

Call to learn how to achieve compliance with FAA regulations: 719-649-4242

FAA Compliant Templates

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Many of our Customers tell us that they've never needed a manual before and we helped them get out of a jam with their Customers using one of our templates.

Manuals, Procedures, Forms and Templates

We get calls like this from grateful Customers and it makes our day to re-learn that our documents have tangible value for our Customers. We know its difficult for a business owner or manager to delegate "quality" so we help all our Customers make an informed decision by providing complete access to practical business documents. Our documents and templates are proven in industry to enable Users to complete their action items as a do-it-yourself project. Our no-expiration support enables our Customers to complete their improvement projects without hiring a Consultant.

Call to find the most practical and cost effective solution for your compliance project: 719-649-4242

Manuals, Procedures, Forms and Templates

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Quality Control Plan ™

About Us

At-PQC™ has over 30 years of quality management experience and a 12 year online track record. We're known for successfully providing comprehensive technology and practical solutions for U.S. and international manufacturing and service businesses in Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Boating, Communications, Construction, Defense, Environmental, FAA Repair and PMA, Food and Drink, Food Service, Management, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Oil and Gas and more...

At-PQC™ is a resource in the global field of quality control management for business owners, managers, supervisors, inspectors, technicians, operators, Company Representatives, employees and practitioners that need simple, cost effective tools and software to meet project requirements and business goals.

At-PQC™ has the experience and tools to provide the most practical solutions for your improvement project.

Satisfy your Customers and complete your improvement projects using practical and often unexpected solutions or call to discuss your project: 719-649-4242.

Here's what Tim Tracy from KMA Corp. wrote about an unexpected solution they found for their Company:

"Thank you very much. The enhanced MIL-I-45208 kit is exactly what we were looking for! The ISO 9001 kit is too involved for our small company and the ASA-100 kit has too many requirements that are not applicable to our business operation. The enhanced MIL-I-45208 program is JUST RIGHT!

It was great talking with you and I really appreciate the knowledge you shared with me!


Visit with us to help you find the most practical and efficient program to complete your persistent compliance project: 719-649-4242


Celebrate because you found a resource that can actually help you provide your Company with the right solutions for urgent business and Customer-driven improvement projects.

Click here to learn if your compliance project is a candidate for a plan or a system.

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Basics page continued...

We're on-call to facilitate your compliance project, answer your questions and mentor your improvement team: 719-649-4242

Call to brainstorm about your project or to ask questions: (719) 649-4242

We offer open-book demos to assure an informed decision and immediate download to support your schedule.

Free Download: Schedule to QMS Registration – prorate the dates to fit the improvement schedule.

Fundamentals of quality management:

#1 the Customer establishes the definition of quality
#2 if measurements are not performed then improvements cannot be made
#3 do it right the first time

Click here for template instructions and guide on this page to becoming the all important QMS Facilitator. No matter what, someone has to become the subject-matter-expert to help their Company comply with an industry standard or earn a QMS pedigree. We'll help facilitate your project with no-charge Consulting by phone and email during your office hours – 719-649-4242.

Click here to learn about the responsibilities of a QA manager.

Click here to browse an 8-Step QMS Implementation Plan

Create new quality control plan

The simplified approach to Quality:

An ISO pedigree helps businesses to:

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Browse the library for fresh and often unexpected solutions for improvement projects that competitive businesses are adopting to satisfy their Customers and business goals.

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8-Step Overview of QMS Implementation using At-PQC™ Kit:

1) Tailor QMS-00 to display Company business information then read the manual and note each referenced document.

2) Skim each referenced document and note each additional reference then skim those documents (forms and procedures).
Significant documents in the kit have been skimmed or read except non-referenced documents, which are value-added and should be archived until needed.

3) Open file named "schedule-to-qms-registration-rev-orig.doc" then prorate the dates to fit the improvement schedule.
The first informal management meeting should establish the goal of compliance to the QMS and its schedule. The Company can immediately demonstrate their commitment by sharing the tailored manual and schedule with Customers.

4) Skim file named Quality Systems Assessment then complete the first half of the assessment, which is to identify Company policies, procedures and forms that comply with the standard. Add references to existing procedures and forms to supplement the first half of the assessment.

5) Complete the second half of the assessment, which is to identify where in the production process the Company complies with the standard. References may include but are not limited to testimony from employees and/or specific references to work records such as purchase order numbers, part numbers, inspection and production records, change orders, contract reviews, management reviews, training records, etc.

6) In parallel with steps 4 and 5, facilitate a management meeting to establish the goal of compliance with the new QMS and its implementation schedule. Use form named Management Meeting Report to create meeting minutes. Record something in each section – especially closure of action items. Actions from management meetings should be tracked because they become evidence of continuous improvement.

7) Facilitate orientation meetings with all Employees and clean-up the facility using 5S:
Sort-Straighten-Shine-Standardize-Sustain. If desired, substitute "Straighten" with "Set-in-Order".

8) Assert compliance with the QMS. Certification of the QMS by an ISO 9001 Registrar is not mandatory but the Company must substantiate assertions with the assessment form.

For more details, download the following typical implementation schedule:

Schedule to achieve QMS Certification Free download – MS Word format – pro-rate dates to match your schedule

24×7 Demo Efficient QMS™

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WOW….you indicated great service and your email response came within minutes of my inquiry!


Thank you,

Metal Fabricators

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Quality Manager Responsibilities:

The QM is responsible for the administration of the Quality Plan and has the authority to manage all work affecting quality. The QM will provide leadership for the development, implementation, communication and maintenance of policies and procedures for the Company according to the approved program. A primary goal is to achieve a high degree of joint ownership of compliance strategies with all of the major operational stakeholders in the Company while addressing regulatory requirements in an effective, timely and responsible manner.




The manager should be familiar with management tools for problem solving, process management and various metrics. QA managers use problem solving tools to determine root causes and suggest solutions from various perspectives using data to make decisions.

Problem solving tools include:

  1. The Seven Quality Tools using Pareto charts, cause and effect diagrams, flowcharts, control charts, check sheets, scatter diagrams and histograms.
  2. Management and planning tools using Affinity diagrams, tree diagrams, process decision program charts, matrix diagrams, interrelationship digraphs, prioritization matrices and activity network diagrams.
  3. Process improvement tools using root cause analysis, PDCA, six sigma DMAIC model, failure mode and effects analysis and statistical process control.
  4. Innovation and creativity tools using creative decision making and problem solving techniques that include brainstorming, mind mapping, lateral thinking, critical thinking and design for six sigma.
  5. Cost of Quality using prevention, appraisal, internal and external failure costs to suggest ways and means to improve the bottom line.

Process management tools include:

  1. Planning and setting goals
  2. Establishing controls
  3. Monitoring and measuring performance
  4. Documentation
  5. Cycle-time reduction
  6. Waste elimination
  7. Theory of constraints for local vs system optimization and physical vs policy constraints that affect throughput
  8. Elimination of special causes of variation
  9. Maintaining improvements
  10. Continuous improvement
  11. Process mapping
  12. Flowcharting
  13. 5 S's
  14. Just in time
  15. Kanban
  16. Value streams

Measurement, assessment and metric tools include:

  1. Goal-question-metric modeling to identify when, what and how to measure projects and processes
  2. Sampling techniques when appropriate
  3. Statistical analysis to measure central tendency, dispersion and types of distributions to monitor processes and make data oriented decisions
  4. Trend and pattern analysis to assess data-sets, graphs and charts for various cyclic, seasonal and environment trends and pattern shifts
  5. Theory of variation to identify common and special causes of variation
  6. Process capability using Cp and Cpk indices
  7. Reliability and validity measurement theories using content, construct and criterion types of measures
  8. Qualitative assessments using anecdotal feedback, observations and focus group output instead of objective measurements
  9. Survey analysis interpretation

Additional manager skills include:

  1. Customer relationship management to ensure partnerships and alliances
  2. Energizing internal Customers to improve products, processes and services
  3. Identification and prioritization of Customer needs and expectations using tools such as Voice of the Customer, House of Quality, Quality Function Deployment, focus groups and Customer surveys
  4. Measurement of Customer satisfaction and loyalty using complaints, surveys, interviews, warranty data, value analysis and corrective actions
  5. Conflicting requirement resolution and management of resources

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Featured Resources:

Bare Minimum ISO 9001 Kit for business that don't want any more documents than necessary to comply with the standard.

Quality Plan best practices for any small business (starter and comprehensive kits)

Construction Templates Government-Grade plan that is compliant with USACE, ICC-ES AC10, IAS AC291 & AC472

Enhanced MIL-I-45208 Inspection System kit, for businesses that produce or manufacture according to their Customer's requirements (build-to-print). The kit complies with "SIP 016 Appendix A" dated 4-15-2010 for Suppliers that produce "Minor Components", which is Lockheed Martin's replacement QMS for Inspection System MIL-I-45208.

Standardized ISO 9001 and AS9100 FAA Manuals for PMA and Type Certificate Holders – 14 CFR Part 21.137

Efficient QMS™ – Simple, Cost Effective, Cloud-Based, Paperless Management System

24×7 Demo Efficient QMS™

Click here to browse list of training videos to learn how to apply the features of Efficient QMS™.

Footnote 1 – Definition: Romance Phase
The time, money and charm that businesses use to convince Customers to buy products/services.

For instance, your Company wants a particular job but doesn't comply with the Customer's requirement to have a certified management system. You know your Company can do the job so you approach the Customer to ask them to consider your proposal. You know if you only had a chance to wine-and-dine the Customer and give them a good show-and-tell that you could convince them to give you the job.

The hopeful result of your Company's "romance" with the Customer is to convince them to buy.

Sometimes, "romance" works but wouldn't it be easier and better business strategy to simply replace the romance with full compliance to Customer requirements?

Need help to immediately develop "show-and-tell" that will give your Customer a "warm-and-fuzzy" about your business?

Use our no-charge support by phone and email to kick-start your compliance project – 719-649-4242.

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