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Customizable and reproducible quality control forms and web app management software that help to establish a complete and mature quality program for any manufacturing company, general contractor, distributor, engineering group, construction company, maintenance company, machine shop, sheet metal shop, repair shop or service company. Over 100 forms were developed from lessons learned on the job to satisfy immediate Customer and business needs.

Use these forms to establish records of activities or identify the status of items or define work in process or produce work instructions and training records and more for any quality program. Many of these forms are used in Efficient QMS to create electronic records that are retrievable from a database and are accessible via the internet or private internal network to help supervisors and managers make fact-based business decisions in real time. Click here to find individual forms that can be downloaded from our catalog.

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Forms Kit, $97 - help to establish a mature quality program (over 100 forms in kit less than $1 each)

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The Kit contains all documents listed below.

Action Item
Action Plan
Authorization to Ship 1 (for product or service release)
Authorization to Ship 2
Bulletin (use for configuration control to immediately document controlled deviations for production or service activities)
Calculated Risk Release (for product or service release on a calculated-risk basis)
Calibration System Forms
Calibration Reference-Only Tag
Calibration Seal Tag
Certificate of Compliance-1 (for product or service release)
Certificate of Conformance-2
Certificate of Material 1
Certificate of Material 2
Certificate of Origin 1
Certificate of Origin 2
Certificate of Test 1 (for product or service release)
Certificate of Test 2
Chemical ID Transfer Tag
Contract Review
Corrective Action Request
Cost of Quality (spreadsheets)
Customer Satisfaction Rating, Grand Average Spreadsheet
Customer Satisfaction Rating, Individual Customer Spreadsheet
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Daily Receiving Log
Data List - Parts List
Dimensional Analysis Form-1
Dimensional Analysis Form-2
Dimensional Analysis Form-3
Drawing Template - size A
Engineering Change Proposal, Mil-Spec
Engineering Order (for design changes)
Final Inspection Tag
First Article Inspection, General Purpose Form
First Piece Inspection (for verification and validation)
Good Material Tag (for product or service release)
Good Material Dot, Peel-and-Stick
Good Material Tag, Dock-to-Stock
Impact Analysis
Information Request
Inspection Instruction Template
Inspection Record
Inspection Report
Inspection Summary-1
Inspection Summary-2
Inspector Stamp Log
Internal Audit Report Template
Internal Audit Schedule Spreadsheet Form
Invoice - Packing Slip - CofC - Spreadsheet
Job Sheet - Work Order
Management Meeting Report
Nonconformance Report (for control of nonconforming product or service)
Nonconformance Trend Chart
Packing Slip/CofC (for product or service release)
Procedure Template-1 (for product or service tests)
Procedure Template-2
Process Orientation Checklist
Production Inspection Record Form-1
Production Inspection Record Form-2
Product Release Record 1
Product Release Record 2
Product Yield Rating, Grand Average Pareto Chart
Product Yield Rating-1, Individual Item Chart
Property Certificate from Supplier Form
Property Control Tag
Property Management Log
Property Record
Purchase Order
Purchase Requisition
QC Tags 1 (for product or service release)
QC Tags 2
QC Tags 3
QMS Procedure Template
Receiving Hold Dot, Peel-and-Stick
Receiving Inspection Record
Requisition for Stock Control Item(s)
Returned Goods Disposition (for control of nonconforming product or service)
RFW-RFD, Commercial (request for waiver-deviation)
RFW-RFD, Mil-Spec
Routing Ticket-1
Routing Ticket-2
Routing Ticket-3
Routing Ticket-4
Shelf Life Expiration Log
Shipping On-Time Delivery Rating-1, Grand Average Pareto Chart
Shipping On-Time Delivery Rating-2, Individual Item Chart
Statement of Work Template
Supplier Evaluation with MS Word Supplier Mail Merge List
Supplier Performance Rating-1
Supplier Performance Rating Spreadsheet
Supplier Quality Requirements
Supplier Rating Cover Letter
Supplier Survey
Training Certificate-1
Training Certificate-2
Training Log
Training Orientation Request
Verification and Validation Record
Warranty Product Review Report (for control of nonconforming product)
Warranty Service Review Report (for control of nonconforming service)
Withhold Tag
Work Instruction-1
Work Instruction-2
Work Instruction-3
Work Instruction-4
X-Bar Spreadsheet

Quality Control Forms Kit, $97 - help to establish a mature quality program (over 100 forms in kit less than $1 each)

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