About us at JnF Specialties…

Our most sincere desire is to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of people that are responsible for the success of their business.

We are committed to providing the highest possible level of technical documents for the support of quality improvement projects. Our commitment to your project extends to a level of support that will enable you or your delegate(s) to become the subject matter expert for your Company, which is an in-demand skill set. We believe in the unlimited potential for continuous improvement and we’re prepared to support any quality improvement project that you can imagine – welcome to Practical Quality Plan.

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About us at JnF Specialties…
We are quality management system experts with 45 yrs of practical experience. We’ve been online since 2001 helping businesses to confidently achieve compliance with Customer and industry standards. We walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk and have the rubber-meets-the-road skills to create, direct, engineer, facilitate, implement, integrate, manage, organize and continuously improve quality management systems for a 1-person shop or small business.

Does your Company need to operate a 21st century quality assurance plan?

Did you know that 21st century Auditors expect businesses to operate using a paperless quality system. In fact, it is easier to operate a business with paperless docs, but that decision has a cost impact. The decision to “go paperless” can cost many thousands of dollars for some businesses, even with a pay-as-you-go plan.

At-PQC™, we offer a synergistic package of MS Office and paperless docs for a variety of industries.

Consider converting your paper-based management system to an online paperless app, or consider starting your quality improvement project with paper then transition to paperless as time permits. Once the data entry is completed in a paperless app, its a pleasure to operate a comprehensive quality program. That’s because paperless docs are easier to manage and are accessible to Users, Customers and Registrars over the internet.

Using the resources from At-PQC™, you can implement a paper-based quality management system for your Company according to an industry standard, such as AC291, AISC, AS9003, AS9100, ASA-100, CASE-1A, CQC, FAA PMA, IAS AC472, ISO 9001, ISO 17020, MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, Nadcap AC7004, FAA Repair Station, and many more…
At-PQC™ also provides commercial-grade and Government-grade quality management tools for businesses that need to document and operate a quality system, in industries such as Distributor, Machine Shop, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sheet Metal, Service, General Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Drywall Contractor, Special Inspection Agency or Construction Management Company.
We specialize in providing one person shops and small businesses with quality management solutions that help to surpass performance expectations.

About us and our Business Practices at JnF Specialties

  • Your Company Representatives can call or email for support at no-charge during your Office hours.
    Support has no expiration. We make arrangements for our overseas Customers to call or email during their Office hours.
  • We assiduously work with your Company Representatives to ensure your quality system is as practical as possible over the entire life of your project.
  • When you purchase any lower cost kit then later upgrade to the corresponding higher cost kit, we process a refund for the lower cost kit after purchase of the upgrade kit and send a receipt – no time limit.
  • We refund duplicate orders one time; for instance, if you purchase a single document and a QMS kit that contains the same document (and vice-versa), we process a refund for the duplicate single document and send a receipt. This is a one-time-only benefit.

Since our inception in 2001, we’re proud to report our practical quality plan templates (and paperless eQMS) have never failed to achieve nirvana for our Customers at 1/100th the cost of typical QMS Consultants. Visit with us anytime to enable your Company’s pedigree.

About us and our Demos

Demo PDF documents are REDACTED; that is, PDF demos display text that is obscured to protect our intellectual property. However, the format shown is precisely what you receive in editable MS Office docs (with unredacted text of course). The content of demo docs in our paperless app (eQMS) is reduced by approximately 50% to protect proprietary media.

Purchased documents are downloaded after completion of an online transaction. We also send a transaction receipt by email that provides a download link.

Feel free to use At-PQC™ documents for your Company’s improvement project according to license terms and conditions. We don’t impose restrictive DRM User-limitations.

Tailor downloaded documents to display your business name and logo by replacing the word “your” with applicable Company info using MS Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or compatible online resource.

About us and our Terms and conditions

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