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Copyright, Terms of Service and License Agreement

JnF Specialties’ demonstration and MS Office documents are copyrighted. No rights therein are granted except as set forth in this License Agreement. Any copying, transmission, modification, computer or internet display or reproduction of copyright material, in part or in whole, except as herein permitted is a breach of our intellectual property rights. Only the metadata contained in our copyright demonstration documents is authorized for display on any website. JnF Specialties, LLC does not permit display of any portion of the copyright contents of its demonstration and MS Office documents in any format by any website except and without the expressed written permission from an Officer of JnF Specialties, LLC with the authority to grant such permission.

License: JnF Specialties, LLC hereby grants the Purchaser a nonexclusive, nontransferable right to download and use our MS Office documents in one geographical business location. Consultant business practices, Institutions, Industry Societies, Educational Institutions and multi-divisional business operations may not reuse our demonstration or MS Office documents; that is, products must be purchased for each Client/Member/Student and geographical business operation. Copies of purchased MS Office document(s) may be printed by the Purchaser or displayed on computers owned by the Purchaser for use in the quality management system for one business operation. JnF Specialties’ MS Office documents are for use only by the Purchaser and may not be resold, reused, copied or reproduced in any form for display on or distribution to any website or other computers, Users or Clients.

General: This Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and JnF Specialties, LLC, and supersedes any and all prior agreements or understandings, either written or oral, concerning the subject of this Agreement. Any modifications must be in writing and signed by the parties. This License shall terminate upon violation of any of its terms. Your purchase of a policy, manual, procedure, kit or form grants you a license to tailor and use the product to modify, initiate, append or replace quality management functions in one business or private operation; however, copying or reproduction of our demonstration or MS Office policies, manuals, procedures, kits or forms to any other server or location for resale, further reproduction, redistribution or display is expressly prohibited. In addition, no part of any of our demonstration or MS Office manuals, policies, procedures, kits or forms may be used in private or in commerce for education or commercial gain of any kind by resale, reproduction or transmission in any form or by any means, whether it be electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, transcription, translation into any language in whole or in part, photocopying, recording, via the internet or by any other information storage or retrieval system without prior, expressed written consent from an Officer of JnF Specialties, LLC with the authority to grant such consent.

Terms of Service: JnF Specialties, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages, loss incurred, fitness for a particular purpose or during the use of or as a result of following any policy, procedure or form that is provided on this website.

All sales are final and subject to the following Cancellation and Exchange policies.

Cancellation Policy
We credit duplicate orders only one time; for instance, if you purchase a single document and a larger QMS Kit that contains the same document, we will credit your transaction for the duplicate single document and send you a credit receipt.
Exchange Policy
We always credit purchase of a Starter Kit after you purchase the corresponding Bare-Minimum, Lean, Comprehensive or Complete Kit.
Refund Policy
If you cannot edit document(s) using the latest release Microsoft software products, we will fix it or refund your purchase.

IMPORTANT – study and carefully understand all policies, manuals, procedures and forms before taking any action based on the information and advise presented. You are solely responsible for your actions.

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