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The AS9100 quality system is used by aviation, space and defense organizations to control the manufacture of products for the Aerospace industry.

The AS9100 quality system standard coordinates its updates with ISO 9001 and continuously improves to keep pace with industry requirements.

Typical QMS Registration Expenses

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An acceptable alternative for DLA’s flowdown requirement for ISO 9001 is the AS9100 quality system. DLA also recently identified AS9003 as an acceptable alternative for their Tailored ISO 9001. Compliance with the AS9100 quality system simplifies qualification for Nadcap certification (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

If your Company’s goal is to register your QMS, consider purchasing SAE sponsored documents to support your project. Visit the following SAE websites to learn more about the AS9100 standards. SAE AS9100D Standard | SAE AS9101E Assessment

Click on demo link below to evaluate the bare minimum AS9100 quality system, which you can use in your business operation according to license terms and conditions.

AS9100D Quality System, Bare Minimum Kit, $197

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The bare minimum AS9100D quality system is useful for businesses that don’t want any more documents than absolutely necessary to achieve compliance or certification with the SAE sponsored standard.

Since our inception in 2001, we’re proud to report our $197 AS9100 template kit has never failed to achieve nirvana for our Customers at no additional cost. You’ll notice our business model is different from other online resources – we’re upfront with you about expenses.

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Support for your Company’s implementation or upgrade to AS9100 is no charge by phone and email!

The bare minimum AS9100D quality system contains all documents listed below:


      • QMS-00 Quality Handbook
      • QMS-01 Control of Documented Information
      • QMS-02 Configuration Management
      • QMS-03 Counterfeit Parts Prevention
      • QMS-04 Management Process
      • QMS-05 Responsibilities Authorities
      • QMS-06 Training Program
      • QMS-07 Proposal Development and Contract Review
      • QMS-08 Purchasing
      • QMS-08-1 Purchase Order Review
      • QMS-09 Receiving
      • QMS-10 Manufacturing
      • QMS-11 Shipping
      • QMS-12 Internal Auditing
      • QMS-13 Corrective Action
      • QMS-14 Control of Nonconforming Product
      • QMS-15 Calibration
      • QMS-16 Definitions and Abbreviations
      • QMS-17 Design and Development
      • QMS-18 Risk Mitigation and Planning


      • 8-Step Implementation
      • 5S
      • Action Item
      • Action Plan
      • Approved Supplier List
      • Bulletin
      • Calculated Risk Release
      • Calibration Reference Only Tag
      • Calibration Seal
      • Calibration System Forms
      • Changes in AS9100″D”
      • Chemical ID Tag
      • Configuration Audit
      • Contract Review Form
      • Corrective Action Request
      • Customer Satisfaction Survey
      • Daily Receiving Log
      • Data List
      • Design Review Form
      • Design Review Work Instruction
      • Dimensional Analysis Form
      • Engineering Order Form
      • First Piece Inspection Report
      • Impact Analysis
      • Information Request Form
      • Inspection Instruction
      • Inspection Record
      • Inspection Report
      • Inspection Summary
      • Inspector Stamp Log
      • Internal Audit Report
      • Internal Audit Schedule
      • Management Meeting Report
      • Metrics
      • Nonconformance Report (Request for Support) (RFS)
      • Nonconformance Report Log (alternate styles)
      • Packing Slip
      • Procedure Template
      • Process Orientation Checklist
      • Production Inspection Record
      • Property Certification from Supplier
      • Property Control Tag
      • Property Management Log
      • Property Record
      • Purchase Order Template
      • Purchase Requisition Form
      • QC Tags
      • Quality System Assessment Checklist (blank and first-half completed versions)
      • Quality System Overview
      • Receiving Hold Tag
      • Receiving Inspection Instructions
      • Receiving Inspection Record
      • Receiving Log
      • Request for Change
      • Risk Analysis Form
      • Risk Analysis Work Instruction
      • Risk Assessment, Critical Elements
      • Risk Identification Checklist and Charter Register
      • Risk Status Report
      • Routing Ticket (alternate styles)
      • Schedule to QMS Registration (download)
      • Shelf Life Expiration Log
      • Shipping Log
      • Supplier Evaluation
      • Supplier Performance Rating Cover Letter
      • Supplier Performance Rating Spreadsheet
      • Supplier Quality Requirements
      • Supplier Survey
      • Training Certificate (alternate styles)
      • Training Log
      • Training Matrix for QMS Procedures
      • Training Orientation Request
      • Traveler Template
      • Trend Chart, Customer Satisfaction Chart, Grand Avg
      • Trend Chart, Customer Satisfaction Chart, Individual
      • Trend Chart, Delivery Rating, Grand Avg
      • Trend Chart, Delivery Rating, Individual
      • Validation-Verification Form
      • Work Instruction
      • Work Order Template

AS9100D Quality System, Bare Minimum Kit, $197

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Typical Registration Expenses for the AS9100 Quality System (US Dollars)

Service Days Initial Fee Annual Fee 3yr Recurring
Application Fee 0 600 0 0
Desk Audit 1 1200 0 0
Readiness Review 1 1200 0 0
Registration Audit 4 4800 0 4200 (3.5 days)
Report Fee 0 650 650 650
Surveillance 2 0 2400 0
OASIS Fee 0 500 0 375
Travel Expenses: 0 Cost Cost Cost
Totals: 8 8950 + Travel 3050 + Travel 5225 + Travel

Typical Registration Expenses for the ISO 9001 Quality System (US dollars)

Service Days Initial Fee Annual Fee 3yr Recurring
Application Fee 0 600 0 0
Desk Audit 1 1200 0 0
Readiness Review 1 1200 0 0
Registration Audit 2.5 3000 0 3000
Report Fee 0 650 650 650
Surveillance 1 0 1200 0
Travel Expenses: 0 Cost Cost Cost
Totals: 5.5 6650 + Travel 1850 + Travel 3650 + Travel

These expenses change from year-to-year and are influenced by the costs for travel.

If you need any direct labor from us to help accelerate things, we only charge $50/hour and we’re very fast because we have 35 years experience in quality management for Aviation, Space and Defense.