The FAA repair station quality manual and training manuals are compliant with 14 CFR 145, AC 145-9 and AC 145-10.

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FAA Repair Station Quality Manual Kit, $127

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FAA repair station manual (RSM) + FAA quality control manual (QCM) + Training Manuals, Handbook and Forms.

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The FAA repair station quality manual kit includes all documents listed below:

  • RSM-Repair Station Manual
  • QCM-Quality Control Manual
  • Conformance Checklist
  • RSM-Sectioned (in download – simplifies revision control)
  • QCM-Sectioned (in download – simplifies revision control)
  • Medium-large Repair Station Training Manual (complementary)
  • Small Repair Station Training Manual (complementary)
  • Repair Station Training Manual
  • Internal Audit Conformance Checklist
  • Repair Station Training Manual Handbook and Forms
  • Personnel Training Record
  • Schedule Request Form for Training

FAA Repair Station Quality Manual Kit, $127

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Excerpt from FAA repair station quality manual:

1.1    Revision Control
The Quality Manager is responsible for making quality manual revisions that are submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for review and acceptance. Revisions to the repair station quality manual are distributed and made available to the FAA and electronic or manual systems. The Company does not incorporate changes to manual revisions that are unacceptable to the FAA or do not conform to applicable regulations. Maintenance and/or administrative actions performed under manual revisions that were found unacceptable to the FAA are corrected. The Company ensures that each manual holder or designated location receives each revision. Revisions to the manual are identified by a vertical bar in the margin or other suitable method to indicate the revised portion of text.
This is accomplished by:
a) selecting the revision number, the date of the revision, the pages revised and a place to sign or initial for the person making the revisions to the assigned manual,
b) revising the manual and notifying the Certificate Holding District Office (CHDO) of revisions, including the method for notifying the FAA of revisions,
c) manual control number and assignment. Each manual has a unique number assigned to it and the name of the individual, department or group assigned to each manual, and
d) identifying who will maintain a master distribution list that contains the manual number, assigned individual and revision status.
NOTE: An acknowledgement form may be used for tracking the receipt and insertion of the revision by the manual holder to ensure accountability. After receiving a revision, each manual holder should insert the revised pages into the manual, record incorporation of the revision in the record of revisions and return the signed acknowledgement form to the person responsible for manual control.