Its the 21st Century, where most businesses are transitioning from their paper-based system to a paperless quality management system to reduce overhead expenses, simplify document control and record keeping, and engage Employees in the business operation.

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Use Efficient QMS™ document control and quality control software program to advance your Company’s goal to easily transition from its paper-based management system to a paperless eQMS business operation. eQMS enables any business to begin the transition to an efficient paperless quality management system.

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eQMS license terms and conditions

Efficient QMS™ support is no-charge, requires no subscription and has no expiration.

Efficient QMS™ requires no User fees, hosting or leasing fees, annual support fees or subscription fees and is as easy to install as WordPress – that’s refreshing!

Licensed Efficient QMS™ is now complementary for any business in the United States (click/tap here for details).

eQMS is the definition of 21st century simplicity for a paperless quality management system that is surprisingly flexible.

eQMS installation is no-charge and technical support has no expiration.

Efficient QMS™ is a website, which means navigating eQMS is as easy as navigating any other website – just point and click.

Paperless eQMS software quality program enables small businesses to compete with larger Suppliers that have the resources to implement, operate, maintain and continuously improve their pedigree quality program.

Efficient QMS™ tenets:

  • Eliminate outrageous expenses that are required by a paper-based document control system
  • Eliminate the complexity of operating any commercial and industry standard quality system
  • Engage Employees in the successful operation of the Company
  • Make Customers and Registrars enthusiastic about your Company’s efficient paperless quality management system.

Are you asking the same questions that we receive from our Customers?

How do we create a quality system?

How do we simplify our quality program?

Where can we find the lowest cost but most capable e-document control software for our quality program to eliminate the cost of managing our paper documents?

Where can we find a quality compliance system that we can modify to fit the needs of our commercial and industry standard quality plans ISO 9001, AS9100, AISC, USACE and PMA?

What paperless quality management system software can we use to satisfy the flowdown requirements from our most demanding Customers that also eliminates the need for us to hire costly professionals to administer our quality program?

How do we ensure “quality” is embraced in our business culture and mitigate resistance to change to simplify our goal to easily achieve compliance to Customer requirements that are very difficult and costly?

How do we manage all the paperwork required by ISO 9001 or AS9100?

ANSWER: Efficient QMS™, because a paperless quality management system levels the playing field for small businesses.

Quality system registrars expect most businesses to use a paperless quality management system instead of a paper-based business operation because there is so much paperwork to manage.

Lead Auditor from NSF-ISR, Mr. M. Galper said to the Company Owner that just got a 99% score on their AS9100 certification audit: “Your online paperless eQMS software program puts you in our top ten list of most efficient businesses!”

We find that all Registrars and Customers make similar comments – they really like paperless eQMS and that assures a good relationship with your Customers. Efficient QMS™ document control and quality control software program is simple to operate, rock solid stable, expandable, uses 21st century technology and does what it says it will do at a fraction of the cost of other paperless quality management system software programs.

Click/tap the following image to examine the User interface:

Document Control and Quality Control Plan Software Program

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Efficient QMS™, paperless quality management system. Click/tap here to learn how we’re giving-back to the QMS industry.

Paperless eQMS features:

  • Accessible using any device with an internet browser, such as smartphones, book readers, tablets, netbooks and more,
  • Any reference to another document in any procedure, work instruction or record can be an interactive link,
  • As easy to install as WordPress,
  • Authorized Users can attach scanned documents to records,
  • Built-in daily planner with email reminder capability to help Users remember important action items,
  • Converts an effective quality system into an efficient quality program that is flexible enough to mold into any business culture and expandable to grow into an enterprise resource,
  • Easy to navigate for all Users because eQMS is a website that only requires simple show-and-tell videos for the User’s manual,
  • Extraordinary document management and configuration control resource that works to eliminate paper-based quality programs,
  • Flexibility to add or remove categories for ERP capability,
  • On-line editing and automatic configuration management of all procedures and work instructions using Process Maker,
  • Transition to a paperless quality management system by converting paper forms to a database process using Form Maker,
  • Unbelievable simplicity that enables small companies to compete with larger businesses that assert compliance to a quality system standard or have the resources to maintain a QMS pedigree,
  • Users can open as many documents and records as needed to support their action items.

An important function of eQMS is to provide Users with 360° Document Interactivity™. This range of access to paperless quality management system documents gives the Company and its Users the flexibility to complete their action items at work, at home, on the road, or anywhere they can connect to the internet (including signature approval of important records).

The paperless eQMS software program enables businesses to assert compliance with their chosen QMS standard or any other commercial or comprehensive industry standard (or non-standard Customer requirement).

Efficient QMS™ is operated on a webhost operating system. No software is installed on your computer or portable device, which makes eQMS immune to PC crashes.

Install the web based paperless eQMS software quality program on your website or private webhost server.

Paperless eQMS software program is extremely effective when it is connected to the internet. Any device that has an internet Browser can be used to operate eQMS. Connect eQMS to the internet to enable instant access by Users from anywhere in the world. Your Company can also operate paperless eQMS on your internal network webhost that is isolated from the internet.

You can operate eQMS on any internal or external webhost equipment that has the following software installed and operating.

Minimum System Requirements:

Any commercial shared hosting plan or private web host server running PHP up to 8.1 and MySQLi and ionCube.

If you don’t have a website, we’ll help you to acquire a domain name and create a low cost webhost account on while you are on the phone with us. We’ll login and install eQMS then redirect Browsers to your eQMS login page. Later, you can work on your homepage then remove the redirect. If your Company needs more security, we’ll password protect your eQMS installation to require Browsers to input an additional Username and Password to access your copy of eQMS. You can add another layer of security by activating your shared SSL certificate to use https to navigate to and operate eQMS.

Efficient QMS™ operates on a modern-day webhost such as Hostgator. If your Company decides to create their own operating environment, duplicate the same environment as Hostgator to ensure successful operation of eQMS.

Hostgator provides all the software required by default to operate eQMS and they are very low cost when you purchase 12 months of service. We strongly recommend using Hostgator instead of an internal server to enable access to eQMS whenever desired by all Employees in your Company.

Minimum Software Requirements:

FTP Client to upload eQMS files or simply use your webhost’s control panel.

eQMS is as easy to install as WordPress.

Upload eQMS zip file to your internal or external webhost then extract files then setup a MySQL database. The database is used to store and maintain all procedures, manuals, work instructions and forms for uncompromised document control. Next, navigate to your Efficient QMS™ webpage to begin the installation process, which only takes a few minutes. Next, browse the training videos to learn how to use the features of eQMS paperless quality management system.

How will your Company implement change management and how quickly can it satisfy Customer requirements? We’ll help you with quality strategy, implementation and maintenance of your Company’s simple or complex quality plan by phone and email at no-charge during your office hours.

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