Meet Efficient QMS™ paperless quality system software program for the 21st century.

Efficient QMS™ paperless quality system software program is accessible on any device with an internet Browser, including a WiFi enabled, private network webhost server. Install fully functional eQMS anytime on your website or internal webhost server then we’ll visit with you to provide a permanent license.

Efficient QMS™ is not pay-as-you-go software – no subscriptions – no per-User fees – no other expenses – that’s refreshing!

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Licensed Efficient QMS™ is now complementary for any business in the United States (click here for details).

Minimum System Requirements:

Any Web Host or Web Server running PHP and MySQL and ionCube.

Efficient QMS™ operates on a modern-day webhost such as Hostgator. If your Company decides to create their own operating environment, duplicate the same environment as Hostgator to ensure successful operation of eQMS.

Hostgator provides all the software required by default to operate eQMS and they are very low cost when you purchase 12 months of service. We strongly recommend using Hostgator instead of an internal server to enable access to eQMS whenever desired by all Employees in your Company.

Minimum Software Requirements:

Access to your MySQL database and FTP Client to upload eQMS files onto your website or simply use your webhost’s control panel.

Evaluate Efficient QMS™ document control and quality control software program to see how it can dramatically improve the efficiency of the management system that your Company needs to keep your Customers happy. Any size business (including a one, two or three person shop or “big business”) can use eQMS to earn new business and keep management costs way down for existing business.

Users can populate eQMS with any management system – including standards like AS9003, AS9100, ASA-100, ISO 9001, MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, FAA-PMA, NQA-1, FAA Repair Station – and management systems to achieve compliance with Construction, Maintenance, Machine Shop, Engineering, Commercial, Civil and Government requirements – any Customer flowdown quality program or voluntary quality management program!

Save thousands of dollars every year by avoiding the inefficiency associated with a paper quality system. Harness the creativity of employees while maintaining control of their projects. Delegate tasks that are clearly assigned, defined, communicated and focused. Spend less time managing the quality system and more time improving the value stream. Provide the metrics to drive your business to higher levels of performance and success. Benefit from the operation of eQMS to continuously improve.

Since Efficient QMS™ was designed as a complete and integrated paperless quality system, your main task is to focus on using it to improve how you meet your Customer’s needs.

Fully integrated CAPA (corrective and preventive action system) that allows Users to process CAR’s completely within the system between Customers and Suppliers. Management reviews with all process metrics available. Many user-customizable features, allowing you to incorporate your business culture, terminology and values into eQMS. Users can add specific quality standards and industry-specific guidelines to the system and create audit checklists based on the standards selected.

eQMS document control and quality control software program is an internet and/or intranet paperless quality system for the 20’s™ that has been designed to meet any quality plan that you can imagine. eQMS is designed to eliminate waste and enable the focus of scarce resources on valuable project goals.

Use eQMS to create any style form for collection of data or information and search the integrated database for metrics, trends and improvement opportunities.

Efficient QMS™ paperless quality system is simple to operate and easy to setup and maintain.

Licensed Efficient QMS™ is complementary for any business in the United States (with qualifications – opens in new tab/page in our catalog).

The quality manual and supporting procedures that are displayed in demo eQMS are compliant with the AS9100 Aerospace Quality System. You can replace the manual to comply with ISO 9001 or replace the manual and delete a few procedures to comply with MIL-I-45208 – you decide. You could delete everything in eQMS to install your existing quality system or tailor the installed procedures to create a paperless quality system that meets your project goals.

Demo eQMS is used by all our Customers as a playground to discover its true potential. Forms, procedures, categories and subcategories are constantly being added by Customers during their evaluation. Its impossible to say how much demo eQMS will be modified but we want our Customers to vigorously experiment. Of course, everything you see in the demo is not contained in the download but all the modifications you see will give you an idea about what you can do with Efficient QMS™ paperless quality system.

Efficient QMS™ Paperless Quality System Benefits:

  • Primary and secondary benefits of eQMS are efficiency for the paperless quality system and simplification of the business operation.
  • Tertiary benefit is the tangible and intangible returns for investment of time on activities that directly support compliance using the paperless quality system.

Additional benefits:

  • Browser-based software eliminates the learning curve.
  • Centralizes quality control.
  • Controls document changes.
  • Emails advance notifications for action items.
  • No need to hire additional personnel.
  • Simplifies Employee access to project and quality program documents.
  • Use any device with an internet browser.
  • Unlimited Users.
    –No User fees.
    –No subscription fees.
    –No software installed on computers – eQMS is installed on webhost server.

In the 20’s™, cost reduction isn’t essential, its mandatory…

We know an effective quality program pays for itself over time and is an accepted expense for operating a business. We know this expense is considered “overhead” or the “cost-of-doing-business” and is sometimes the first to be cut when right-sizing.

The last 10 years of quality evolution has shown us that Customers want professional-grade management in their Suppliers before they’ll consider them as candidates. Today, that means Suppliers must provide a pedigree that proves they are worthy of consideration by concerned Customers.

Customers and Suppliers have only one chance to do it right the first time. They have to invest their time and resources on good practices that will increase profits and continuously win new business from their Consumers. Customers and Suppliers have the same goal – perform as a team to satisfy their Consumers and increase profit margins.

Does your Company need to convert your effective QMS into a much more efficient paperless quality system?

Does your Company need to adopt a quality system to satisfy a Customer that is flowing down requirements such as:

  • AISC
  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001
  • FAA Repair Station
  • IAS AC472
  • Nadcap
  • Special Inspection Agency AC291
  • or other comprehensive QMS?

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Efficient QMS™ document control and quality control software program support is no-charge and does not require subscription and has no expiration.

Recent Questions from Customers:

  • We are a two person shop and need some help to quickly become compliant with a Customer requirement. Do you have something we can use?
  • We have 47 Employees and lots of Customers. One of our team members in a recent management review meeting suggested we find something that will simplify things. Can you help?
  • Our small business has used MIL-I-45208 for years but our local QAR just rotated to another person and he wants to change our contract to require compliance to ISO 9001. We can’t afford to give an arm and a leg to get compliant with ISO and there’s no time in our delivery schedule to implement all this stuff. We could renegotiate the contract but we don’t want the hit to our ABVS score. We really need something that’s easy to maintain and won’t cost an arm-and-a-leg. Will your eQMS thing do the job?
  • We’ve got tons of records in storage and we’re constantly adding to it. We recently learned it would cost us over $30K to transfer all of it back to our shop or dispose of it. We have got to do something to get out from under this baggage or $30K will become $100K in a couple of years. Management wants to go paperless but can’t find a cheap enough solution. We’ve looked online but everything is way too expensive, then we saw your Efficient QMS program. Will it really work to help us go from paper to electronic records?

Most businesses don’t have a lot of time to develop a paperless quality system and would rather find something that is ready to use, easy to manage and compliant with Customer requirements.

There are advantages to remotely accessing Company policies, procedures, work instructions, forms and records to demonstrate in realtime your Company’s commitment to quality.

See for yourself how you can access and operate demo eQMS to browse what could be your paperless quality system using any device with an internet Browser. That’s any desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, PDA, iPad/iPhone/iPod or Android smartphone – any device with an internet Browser.

Over the years, have you lived a lot of “the-flavor-of-the-month” improvement scenarios and read a lot of guidance on the subject? One endearing short-story that has lasting value is Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment: How to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Employee Satisfaction by William Byham PhD and Jeff Cox (Author). You can find it on Amazon for about $12.00. You’ll learn about dinosaur eggs that are laid by the inherent inefficiencies of any process that later hatch to eat your hard work to cause you nothing but grief. Dinosaur eggs are the cause of problems that manifest when you least need them – just like being crushed by one of Murphy’s Laws.

eQMS enables large or small businesses to finally compete using a paperless quality system software program that will return the most value on their investment!

Does your business need to compete in industries such as Construction, Service, Machine Shop, NASA, Automotive, Nursing, ISO 9001, cGMP (FDA Regulated), QSIT (Medical Devices), HACCP (Healthcare and Life Sciences), AS9100 (Aerospace and Defense), FAA (Aviation), Petroleum or the  Pharmaceutical industry?

We designed Efficient QMS™ paperless quality system with emphasis on preserving the sanity of the quality manager, which always makes it easier on the Company – then we:

  • Built-in a daily planner with reminder capability for everybody that can’t remember everything they need to do,
  • Enabled flexibility to add or remove categories for ERP capability,
  • Enabled on-line editing and automatic configuration management of all procedures and work instructions using Process Maker,
  • Enabled transition to a paperless quality system by converting almost any paper form to a database-process using Form Maker,
  • Made it easy to navigate for all Users because eQMS uses a web-based interface and only requires simple show-and-tell videos for the User’s manual,
  • …and more…

We invented the eQMS paperless quality system out of self-preservation and it has saved countless hours of labor and significantly improved the bottom-line. User’s intuitively navigate eQMS because it is Browser-based and because it is so convenient to access QMS documents and records after login. We recommend installation of eQMS on an external webhost to enable “road warriors” to access project records in realtime using any device with and internet Browser.

We are proud Efficient QMS™ paperless quality system was chosen to support the quality improvement projects for the following services, businesses and agencies. Companies using eQMS have received pedigrees for ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110 and Nadcap special processes:

  • Access Laser Company
  • Alto Aviation, MA (aircraft sound systems)
  • Arcadia Aerospace Industries Testimonial: “We went through our Nadcap audit for AQS and NDT/UT and we received no NCR’s. The Auditor was very complimentary of our system, which was in no small part because of eQMS.”
  • Avionics Mounts Inc.
  • axept Custom Engineering (MEMS)
  • Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. This manager started working for Canadian Solar Solutions shortly after setting up and operating eQMS for his previous employer, Sustainable Energy Technologies. Because of lessons learned at his old employer, he convinced new management to use eQMS to help them survive a CSA audit in six (6) weeks, which they passed.
  • Deutsch (.net) This global Company could route all their satellite businesses through one internet-based paperless quality system software program to standardize a critical business operation.
  • Dynamic Paint Solutions
  • Dynamic Power LLC
  • Global Parts Inc.
  • Howell Instruments Inc.
  • K-TECHnologies Inc.
  • Ligi Tool and Engineering Inc.
  • McAllister Tool and Machine
  • Midstate Industrial Supply
  • Mohr and Associates
  • Nee’s Machine Inc.
    Nomad Aviation Inc. Testimonial: “We passed our ISO 9001:2008 registration audit thanks to Efficient QMS…Thank you.”
  • Quipco Al Shoumoukh, LLC
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Specialty Metals Corporation
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Theranos
  • Quest Manufacturing LLC. Testimonial: “Installing eQMS was very simple. The only issue we had with install on our server was getting the correct library for 64 bit and that was quickly cleared up.”

Efficient QMS™ Paperless Quality System. Click/tap here to learn how we’re giving-back to the QMS industry – link opens in new tab/page in our catalog.

Email: “contact ~at~”, or call: 719-649-4242 to acquire your copy of free paperless Efficient QMS™.

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