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Production Inspection Freeform IIS

Revision: orig
Dwg No. Dwg Rev PO No
Item Name Lot No S/N(s)
Misc Info Lot Qty Sample Qty
Inspection Procedure Approved By   Date
Inspections Performed By Date
RFS#, Reason for Reject(s);
Tool Numbers, explain if PO Rev is not Build Rev:
FAI Rev   Verify Rev: PO Rev=Build Rev  PO Rev not Build Rev 
Op 1 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 2 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 3 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 4 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 5 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 6 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 7 Qty Ok Qty NG
Op 8 Qty Ok Qty NG
Calc-Risk Open? Yes  N/A  Withhold acceptance if Calc-Risk is open