AISC Starter Quality System Kit


The AISC starter quality system kit is useful to introduce management to the scope of the improvement project.

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Use references to procedures and forms in the quality manual for the AISC starter quality system kit as placeholders to develop your Company’s management documents.

If your Company needs to quickly achieve full compliance with the latest release AISC standard 207-23 (was 207-20), consider the Comprehensive Kit, which includes all the procedures and forms that are referenced in the quality manuals.

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The AISC starter kit contains all documents listed below:

    • Download includes the following quality manuals (archive unused manual)
      • QMS-00 for Steel Fabricators
      • QMS-00 for Steel Erectors
    • Action Item
    • Action Plan
    • Impact Analysis
    • Management Process Procedure
    • Management Review Report
    • Quality System Assessment
    • Schedule to QMS Registration

Some Companies gradually upgrade their procedures and forms to achieve compliance with AISC standards. One of the reasons for a gradual upgrade is when a Company works for a while as a subcontractor under the umbrella of a business that has an AISC pedigree. In that case, the above starter QMS kit may work for a Company to make the transition from non-certified to AISC certified contractor. Of course, this only works if the Company has finally created and is using AISC compliant procedures and forms and only needs its own quality manual and management procedure.

The starter kit is not designed to achieve AISC certification by itself because it does not include mandatory procedures and forms required for a pedigree. It is intended to introduce management to the awesome scope of a quality improvement project that is required to comply with AISC standards.

Consider the comprehensive AISC QMS kit if your Company is starting its quality program from scratch. The kit has worked for decades to enable a business to acquire an AISC QMS pedigree.