Complete FAA Repair Station Kit


The complete FAA repair station kit provides RSM/QCM manuals, training manual, procedures, work order template and forms to establish a complete management system that is compliant with 14 CFR Part 145 requirements – link opens in new tab/page

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The quality control manual in the complete FAA repair station kit is designed to control:

  • Approval for Return to Service
  • Approved Technical Data
  • Calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment
    • Intervals
    • Records
  • Component Testing Software
  • Corrective Action on Deficiencies
  • Distribution of Documents
  • Document Translation
  • Forms and Instructions
  • Inspections
    • Continuity of Responsibility
    • Final Inspection
    • Hidden Damage Inspection
    • Incoming Inspection
    • In-Process Inspection
    • Preliminary Inspection
  • Training, Qualification, Certification and Proficiency
    • Inspectors
    • Receiving Inspection
    • Repairman
    • Surveillance of non-certificated persons performing maintenance, preventive maintenance or alterations
  • Material Handling and Receiving
  • Property Control
  • Reporting Malfunctions or Defects
  • Revision Control of Policies and Procedures
    • FAA (CHDO/FSDO) Notification
  • Scrap Control
  • Segregation of Repairable and Non-Repairable Articles
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Tagging and Identifying Articles
  • Work Performed at Other Facilities
  • Work Sign-Off

The repair station manual in the complete FAA repair station kit is designed to:

  • describe operations, including facilities, equipment, materials, operations and housing
  • control Personnel Roster(s)
  • maintain manual revision(s) (see QCM) and notify the Certificate Holding District Office (CHDO) and/or the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)
  • retain required records and recordkeeping system
  • identify and control sections of the manual
  • prepare a Capability List Procedure for:
    • CHDO/FSDO notification
    • frequency
    • methods
    • reporting results
    • revision
    • self-evaluation before revision
  • prepare a Training Manual for:
    • revision control
    • submitting changes to the CHDO/FSDO
  • prepare an Organization Chart to:
    • define duties and responsibilities
    • define the area of responsibility assigned to each management position
    • identify each management position
  • prepare a Contract Maintenance Procedure for:
    • maintaining and revising the list of approved maintenance functions, including submitting revisions to the CHDO/FSDO
    • maintaining and revising the list of contract maintenance providers, including submitting revisions to CHDO/FSDO
  • prepare a Work Order for maintenance, preventive maintenance or alterations for Air Carriers
  • prepare a Quality Plan for governing work performed at another location

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The complete FAA repair station kit contains all documents listed below:


  • Quality Control Manual
  • Repair Station Manual
  • Calibration Procedure
  • Capability List
  • Configuration Management (short and comprehensive versions)
  • Contract Maintenance List
  • Control of Documented Information
  • Control of Nonconformities
  • Corrective Action
  • Definitions and Abbreviations
  • Electronic Signature
  • Equipment, Tool and Material List
  • Hazardous Material Handling (short and comprehensive vrsions)
  • Internal Auditing
  • Management Process
  • Personnel Roster
  • Proposal Development and Contract Review
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Plan
  • Receiving
  • Repair/Alteration
  • Responsibilities and Authorities
  • Safety Management System
  • Safety Risk Management Procedure
  • Shelf Life
  • Training Manual


  • Approved Supplier List
  • Bulletin
  • Calculated Risk Release
  • Calibration Reference Only Tag, Seal – Peel and Stick Label, and Forms
  • Capability List Self Evaluation Audit Form
  • Change Order Template
  • Contract Review Form
  • Corrective Action Request Form
  • FAA QCM RSM Conformance Checklist, 1st Half Completed (and blank template)
  • First Piece Report
  • General Workmanship Requirements
  • Good Tag, Dock to Stock, Green Peel and Stick
  • Good Tag, Green Peel and Stick
  • Inspection Form, Record, Report and Summary
  • Inspection Instruction for Preliminary, Hidden, In-Process and Final Inspections
  • Inspector Stamp Log
  • Internal Audit Report
  • Letter of Compliance (Complementary)
  • Maintenance Log, Aircraft
  • Maintenance Log, Tracking and Recording
  • Management Review Report
  • Master Distribution List
  • Nonconformance Report (RFS) and Log (alternate in download)
  • Organization Chart
  • Procedure Template
  • Property Certification from Supplier
  • Property Control Tag, Management Log and Record
  • Purchase Order Review
  • QC and Work Tags
  • Request for Change
  • RFQ
  • Requisition (and spreadsheet)
  • Revision Acknowledgement Form (alternate in download)
  • Routing Ticket (alternates in download)
  • Safety Risk Analysis
  • Safety Risk Contingency Plan
  • Safety Risk Potential Pareto Chart
  • Shelf Life Expiration Log
  • Supplier Evaluation Form, Performance Rating Cover Letter and Spreadsheet
  • Supplier Survey
  • Temperature Controlled, Peel and Stick Tag
  • Training Evaluation Log (alternate in download), Record and Schedule Request
  • Training Manual Conformance Checklist, 1st Half Completed (and blank template)
  • Work Order (alternate in download), Breakdown and Instruction Template (alternate styles in download)

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