FAA RSM QCM Starter Kit


The FAA RSM QCM Starter Kit includes sectioned and non-sectioned quality control and repair station manuals plus training manuals, handbook and forms according to the FAA requirements – opens in new tab/page

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The FAA RSM QCM starter kit provides a Repair Station Manual that addresses:

  • Contracting Maintenance
  • Controlling Work Performed at Another Location
  • Housing, Facilities, Equipment, Materials and Capabilities List
  • Maintaining and Revising the Personnel Roster
  • Notifying the Certificate Holding District Office of Revisions to the Capabilities List
  • Organizational Chart Identifying Each Management Position
  • Required Records and the Record keeping System
  • Revising the Repair Station’s Manual
  • Revising the Training Program

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The FAA RSM QCM Starter Kit contains all documents listed below.

  • RSM-Repair Station Manual
  • QCM-Quality Control Manual
  • Conformance checklist
  • Medium-large repair station training manual (complementary)
  • Small repair station training manual (complementary)
  • Repair Station Training Manual
  • HazMat Handling Procedure (short and comprehensive versions)
  • Internal audit conformance checklist
  • Repair Station Training Manual Handbook and Forms (and alternate versions)
  • Personnel Training Record
  • Schedule Request Form for Training

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Is your QCM and RSM already accepted but you need standalone manuals? Consider visiting our library website (link opens in new tab/page). Browse down the page to find the Standalone manuals.