AS9003 to AS9003B Upgrade Kit


All the documents necessary to comply with AS9003B – if your Company is already using our Rev “Orig” QMS kit.

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The AS9003 to AS9003B upgrade kit is useful for a business whose QMS is already certified using our old revision QMS kit.

If your Company is not already using our AS9003 QMS kit, this AS9003 to AS9003B upgrade kit is a good “Starter Kit” but is incomplete. Consider our Bare Minimum Kit if your Company is seeking a QMS pedigree and starting its quality improvement project from scratch.

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The upgrade kit contains all documents listed below:

  • Quality Manual (references to QMS procedures in the quality manual are placeholders that could be replaced with your Company’s existing procedure names/numbers)
  • Contract Review Forms
  • Customer Perception Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Internal Audit Progress Report
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Quality Systems Assessment
  • Typical Implementation Schedule
  • Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plan

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