The less than ISO 9001 QMS is very useful for businesses that want more than MIL-I-45208 but less than ISO 9001.

Do the words ISO 9001 cause people to swear in your Company? Consider the following enhanced MIL-I-45208 inspection system known as less than ISO 9001.

So many managers and business owners resist adopting the ISO 9001 QMS because the standard has a reputation of costing an arm and a leg to implement and maintain.

Are you thinking, “I wish there was a way for us to gradually work our way into ISO to avoid all the hidden agendas that people use against it.”

Almost 30 years after the release of ISO 9001, the mere mention of the words causes many people to wince in fear.

What if your Company could stick its toes into the waters of ISO 9001 without the stigma attached to it?

Buyers that work in industries like Construction, Aerospace and Defense manufacturing are finally realizing that some of their projects don’t need all of ISO 9001 – only select elements of it.

There is a higher level quality system that meets requirements from Customers that don’t need their Suppliers to fully conform to ISO 9001. These Customers know the advantage of asking their Suppliers to do just a little bit more than the minimum, which helps them keep a larger pool of qualified Suppliers. Many Suppliers prefer to no-quote jobs that require ISO 9001 because the cost to implement ISO is more than the job is worth and none of their other Customers ask for it. These ISO-required projects cause job costs to exceed program limits due to the Buyer’s boilerplate requirement for compliance with ISO 9001.

If your Company ever elects to move forward with ISO 9001 after using the less than ISO 9001:2008 QMS, all the work you’ve done will not go to waste because every document in the “Less than” system is rolled over into the ISO system, except the quality manual.

Click on demo link below to evaluate the contents of the kit, which you can use in your business operation according to license terms and conditions.

Less than ISO 9001:2008 QMS Kit, $197

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Browse the PDF Demo Less Than ISO 9001:2008 QMS Kit

The less than ISO 9001 kit or “Enhanced MIL-I-45208 kit” contains all documents listed below:


  • QA-1001 – Less than ISO 9001 Quality Manual (Enhanced MIL-I-45208)
  • Control of Nonconformances Procedure
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
  • Document Control Procedure
  • Production Procedure
  • Purchasing Procedure
  • Receiving Procedure
  • Records Control Procedure
  • Shipping Procedure
  • Training Procedure


  • QC-101 – Inspection Instruction Form
  • QC-102 – Request for Corrective Action (RFCA)
  • QC-103 – Nonconformance Report Form (MR)
  • QC-104 – Calculated Risk Release Form (CRR)
  • QC-105 – Good Material Tag
    (file includes QC-106 Withhold Tag and QC-113 Bad Material Tag)
  • QC-106 – Withhold Tag
    (included with QC-105 Good Material Tag)
  • QC-107 – Shop Routing Ticket
  • QC-108 – R&I Inspection Record
  • QC-109 – Engineering Order
  • QC-110 – Request for Deviation / Waiver
    (for non-government Customers)
  • QC-110-1 – MIL-STD-973 Request for Waiver / Deviation
    (for government Customers)
  • QC-111 – MIL-STD-481 Engineering Change Proposal
    (for government Customers)
  • QC-112 – Inspection Record
  • QC-113 – Bad Material Tag
    (included with QC-105 Good Material Tag)
  • QC-114 – R&I Inspection Instruction
  • QC-115 – Property Control System
  • QC-116 – Calibration System
  • QC-116-1-2-3-4-5
    (forms referenced by the Calibration System)
  • QC-117 – Supplier Quality Requirements
  • QC-122 – Dimensional Analysis Record
  • QC-124 – Inspection System Survey
    (use this doc as a guide to implement the system
  • QC-125 – Supplier Survey Form


  • Certificate of Conformance-1 – use to ensure quality of Supplier provided paperwork
  • General Requirements
  • QC-118 – Contract Review
  • QC-119 – Traveler
  • QC-120 – Purchase Order
  • QC-121 – Purchase Order Review Procedure
  • QC-123 – Data List
  • Cross Reference Matrix
  • Work Instruction Template
  • DD250 – Material Inspection and Receiving Report
    The DD250 form was retired 8-1-05 but some contracts list line items that are not capable of being electronically submitted, which means an electronic copy can be very handy.

Less than ISO 9001:2008 QMS Kit, $197

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If the less-than kit is still too much “quality”, consider our general purpose quality plans.

Tips to implement the Less than ISO 9001 QMS:

The implementation guide for the less than ISO 9001 kit (Enhanced MIL-I-45208) is survey named QC-124. The quality manual and documents that are referenced by the manual provide answers for each survey question.

We suggest you read the entire quality manual to understand the scope of the project and whenever the manual refers to a procedure or form then collect and stack the applicable documents. During your review of the manual, only skim through the referenced documents to maintain your attention on the manual. There will be several documents in your Kit that your manual does not reference but keep them handy, they are needed to answer all the questions in the survey.

After review of the manual, start to complete the survey. At first, only answer questions in the survey that can be answered by referring to paragraph numbers in the quality manual. When all “quality manual” related questions are answered, start to review the documents that were referenced by the manual. Refer to the quality manual and referenced documents until all questions are answered in the survey. When the survey is complete, integrate the procedures and forms into your business operation.

During the above process, you will have educated yourself about your less than ISO 9001 QMS to start the process to become an expert on the subject, which will help your employees and prepare you for interaction with your Customers.