Do it yourself quality improvement plans for businesses in Aerospace, Aviation, Construction, Distribution, FAA, Food, Government, Manufacturing, Nadcap and Service industries.

Thousands of businesses have been helped to achieve compliance with Customer requirements and Government mandates since 2001 using At-PQC™ templates and software for do it yourself quality improvement projects – each with special circumstances and special needs.

For instance, your Company is a one person shop and one of your Customers suddenly changes requirements for your quality management system. In other words, your Company is being pushed into a compliance corner that was never needed before.

Here’s what to do:

1) Find the right do it yourself quality improvement solution by searching our website using keywords from your Customer requirement then purchase and download.

Don’t have time to search because your action item is overdue? Call anytime during your Office hours and we’ll help you find or create a basic, bare-minimum, lean or comprehensive solution.

2) Next, skim your new quality system manual QMS-00.

Your new quality manual is designed to summarize Company policies; that is, the manual is a summary of “what-to-do” and all the “how-to’s” are described in procedures that are referenced in the manual. Describing only what to do keeps the quantity of pages in the manual to as few pages as possible.

3) Next, skim quality system procedures and forms in your kit then skim the quality system assessment checklist.

4) Next, skim the QMS introduction and internal auditor training slides.

5) Next, replace the word “your” in all the documents in your kit with your business name or logo.

6) Next, call us to ask questions about how to implement and tailor your Company’s new policies, procedures and forms to precisely fit your business operation.

Our namesake is “At Practical Quality Control”, which means we assiduously help you understand and visualize how to apply your new policies and procedures in as practical a manner as possible.

Our practical approach to quality control is proven in industry to avoid nailing your feet to the floor due to overachieving compliance and ensures full conformance with your Customer requirements. We provide no-charge support by phone and email during the entire life of your improvement project and support has no expiration.

7) Next, convene a Management Meeting and create a management meeting report. Enter a response for each agenda item, which may be recorded as “TBD” or record appropriate content for each agenda item. Doesn’t matter if you close an incomplete management meeting report because open action items are included in the next meeting agenda.

Attach EO 101 to your first management meeting report to document official approval of changes to your business operation. Expect to convene several meetings during implementation of your new quality management system. Records of meetings become objective evidence of your Company’s continuous improvement efforts in your do it yourself improvement project and also demonstrate “follow through”.

8) Apply policies from your new quality manual in an area that you know needs some tender loving care to begin the process of documenting “small victories”.

Implementation will effectively engage everyone in the change process. Each small victory adds momentum to the improvement project and will increase everyone’s confidence. In a short time you’ll say, “That wasn’t so bad after all!”.

During implementation, you’ll find policies that do not apply to your business, which can be excluded if they are not mandatory. You or your responsible authority can call or email during your Office hours to confirm exclusions.

All work is a process with inputs and outputs, which means outputs from one process may affect other processes. Your Company’s new SOP is to determine how the outputs from one process will affect other processes then follow through. That is, a seemingly insignificant discovery during implementation in one area of your business operation may affect dozens of other processes. All those processes may affect other processes that will need additional follow-through.

The follow-through thought process must become your Company’s new mantra to succeed in the 21st century.

The above 8-step do it yourself quality improvement plan is applicable for any size business. A one-person or five-person or 30-person or 500-person business can start from “We’ve got to do what!” and quickly move forward to achieve compliance with Customer requirements.

In the 21st century, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 40 years with no documented quality management system. Today, Customers are “risk oriented” and are beginning to only work with suppliers that have a documented quality program or QMS pedigree.

If you’re interested in creating a quality assurance plan with a safety net, we’ll help you create a quality system that is specifically tailored to your business operation. We’ll also work in your facility upon request to further ensure the success of your improvement project, which is nice but isn’t really necessary for a do it yourself quality improvement program.

If your Company is in a really big hurry to implement a quality system, consider doing everything “quality” from your own website using Efficient QMS™.

eQMS substantially accelerates the implementation phase and significantly simplifies maintenance and audit of any quality management program. eQMS enables closure of all the QMS action items that are discovered during the implementation phase of the do it yourself quality improvement program and is known to thoroughly engage employees in the success of the business. eQMS support is no charge and has no expiration. If you contract with us to work in your eQMS, we’ll help you tailor eQMS in your image as if we were your employee.

Efficient QMS™ paperless quality management system and document control software has been online since 2004 and is proven in industry worldwide.

Trying to figure out how to start creating a do it yourself quality improvement plan for your Company that is compliant with ISO 9001 or AS9100 program? Browse our how to begin webpage that will help you visualize interactions between business management resources or browse our where to start resources.

Need a good book to advance your understanding of the do it yourself quality improvement program? Try Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment: How to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Employee Satisfaction by William Byham PhD and Jeff Cox (Author). You can find it on Amazon for about $12.00. Its terrific!

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Scroll down the page to find links to example do it yourself quality improvement plans that range in complexity from “minimal impact” to “paradigm shift”.

Most Buyers require their Suppliers to provide a quality system according to one of the following industry standard programs:

Listed from lower to higher complexity:

MIL-I-45208 Inspection System, entry-level business improvement project

AS9102 First Article Inspection, for compliance with the Aerospace standard

Tailored ISO 9001, mandatory for DLA Aviation Higher Level Quality Suppliers

FAA PMA, for parts manufacturer approval

AS9003 Inspection and Test, also known as less than AS9100

Nadcap AC7004 Plan, mandatory for DLA phosphate coating Suppliers

AS9100, for Aviation, Space and Defense Suppliers

Construction suppliers are subject to a variety of Customer requirements:

AISC, for producing steel structures according to the American Institute of Steel Construction

Colorado Resolution 35, for producing non-residential structures

Special Inspection Agency, achieve accreditation for IAS AC291 to perform special inspections

Today, most large Customers want more than verbal commitment by asking their Suppliers to provide a documented quality system. Larger Customers want their Supplier’s to operate a nonconformance program that includes corrective action and have procedures for purchasing and receiving as well as in-process work and inspection instructions with records of the results and nonconformances. Most large Customers want records stored and maintained as part of a document control system. Many Customers are now asking for production and shipping procedures as well as an outstanding training program.

Most of the time, Customers want more than the basics and many have decided to add flowdown requirements for specific QMS procedures. Customers will continue to add exactly what they need to manage their risks to continuously improve their Supplier base.

The US Government is increasing flowdown mandates to reduce their risks similar to commercial Buyers. To learn more, browse blog post DLA replaces MIL-I-45208 with ISO 9001.

At-PQC™ you’ll be pleased to find an expert that answers the phone to support your do it yourself quality improvement project and an extensive selection to operate and maintain a practical QMS that will achieve project goals. We offer no charge support by cellphone or email and support has no expiration!

If you have a mature business that provides products or services but don’t have an up-to-date plan to control quality to share with your Customers, then you’ll be very satisfied to find the resources to document your practices. If your business goal is to transform from “old traditional” to “new modern” and compete with world-class performance, then you’ll be delighted to find extensive support and documentation that will help you achieve your project At-PQC™.

You can tailor your improvement products according to the At-PQC™ copyright and license agreement to display your business name and logo using your MS Word or favorite online program.

Your advantages with At-PQC™:

  1. You can quickly become the subject matter expert for your do it yourself quality improvement project that enables your Company to achieve its compliance goals.
  2. You can quickly tailor a starter, bare minimum, lean or complete kit instead of creating a management system from scratch for your do it yourself quality improvement project.

Efficient QMS™ Online Quality Management and Document Control Software

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