The AS6081 counterfeit control plan is designed for Distributors to ensure purchase and delivery of authentic electrical, electronic and electromechanical parts.

Upgrade your certified Distributor quality management system with the At-PQC™ AS6081 counterfeit control plan. The plan enables businesses to contract with Buyers that flowdown requirements from the SAE AS6081 fraudulent/counterfeit standard.

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AS6081 Counterfeit Control Plan for Distributor, $97

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The AS6081 control kit contains all documents listed below.


  • AS6081 Counterfeit Electronic Parts
  • Supplier Evaluation and Status Form
  • Risk Assessment Calculator (in download)
  • Suspect Counterfeit Part Report
  • Internal Audit Template
  • Consolidated Report Data Package

AS6081 Counterfeit Control Plan for Distributor, $97

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The primary focus of the AS6081 counterfeit control plan is avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts. The intent is to decrease their volume in the aerospace supply chain.

Prerequisite for compliance with AS6081 is compliance/certification of your quality system with:

Purchasing requires several controls to mitigate counterfeit components, which includes a preference for Original Component Manufacturer (OCM). Other controls include assessment of risks, maintenance of a Supplier register with defined criteria and scope of approval. Purchasing also controls documentation of Supplier status (e.g. franchised) and detailed purchase order requirements.

Supply chain traceability is mandatory to the OCM or aftermarket manufacturer or OCM approved Supplier and supply chain intermediaries.

Verification of purchased product includes documentation and packaging inspections, visual inspections, solvent test for re-marking and re-surfacing. Additional requirements include X-Ray and XRF or EDS/EDX inspections and de-lid/decapsulation analysis. Purchasing may impose additional tests that are commensurate with the potential risks of the item and Supplier approval process.

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