We offer quality plans for service business:

Service or Build-to-Customer-Requirements Quality Manual, $47

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Demo Build to Customer Requirements or Service Quality Manual

Construction Quality Manual, Commercial Grade for Service Business, $47

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Demo Construction Quality Manual, Commercial Grade for Service Businesses

Food Service Quality System Kit, $57

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Demo Food Service Quality System Kit

Our library website also offers some resources – links open in new tab/page on our library website:

Forms Kit for Quality Program

Janitorial Service Quality Plan

Security Service Plan

Quality Control for Service Company

Quality Program for Service Company Starter Kit

If your Company is trying to keep things as simple as possible to respond to a Customer request for generic plan, consider a General Purpose Plan.

Here’s an excerpt from QCP-001 that opens in a new tab/page and helps to describe quality plans for service business.

1.0 Scope: This quality plan applies to all areas of contract performance, including, as appropriate, procurement, item identification and stockroom, issue of supplies, production, packaging, storage and shipping of deliverable items.

2.1 Quality Management: Vest the administration of the quality plan in a responsible, authoritative element of the organization that has clear access to top management. Staff the quality organization with technically competent personnel and provide them the freedom to make decisions without pressure or bias. Consistently maintain quality requirements and measure or evaluate the effectiveness of the quality plan.

2.3 Procurement: Maintain adequate control of procurement sources to ensure that services and supplies conform to specified requirements. Control purchase orders to ensure incorporation of pertinent technical and quality requirements, including authorized changes. Maintain adequate records of inspections and tests performed on purchased supplies.

2.6 Acceptance: Perform quality plan inspection and testing of completed items as necessary to assure that contract requirements have been met. Maintain sufficient surveillance over preservation, packaging, marking, packing and shipping operations to assure compliance with requirements and to prevent damage, deterioration, loss or substitution.

The above excerpt from a generic plan fits most businesses that are trying to apply quality plans for service business.