1. Terms and Conditions: Return Policy
Purchased documents and software cannot be returned.

2. Terms and Conditions: End-User License
At-PQC™ products are copyright protected. Your purchase/download grants you a license for their use. The following links open in a new tab/page. Click here to read the license agreement for MS Office documents or click here to read the license agreement for Efficient QMS™.

3. Terms and Conditions: Sales Policy
All sales are final and subject to the following Cancellation and Exchange policies.

3.1. Terms and Conditions: Cancellation Policy
If you purchase an individual document or multiple individual documents and a QMS Kit that contains the same document(s) in the same transaction, we will credit your purchase for the duplicate document(s) and send you a credit receipt.

3.2. Terms and Conditions: Exchange Policy (no time limit)
We enable you to win by attrition because we always credit purchase of a Starter Kit after purchase of its corresponding Bare Minimum, Lean or Complete Kit.

4. Refund Policy
If you cannot edit document(s) using the latest release Microsoft software products, we will fix it or refund your purchase.