CoOl TOol

The Nonconformance Report is the most effective cool tool for continuous improvement records in your Company’s toolbox.

Do you know why a Nonconformance Report is a ReAlly CoOl TOoL?

  • It focuses attention on a problem or condition that should be solved or clarified
  • It gives permission to discuss what is known with decision makers that can make the job easier and more rewarding
  • It is the tool that continuously improves people, products, Customer confidence and good Suppliers
  • It involves people in the decision-making process
  • It reinforces the resolve to do things right
  • It informs and communicates without restriction
  • It provides a historical record of actions to prevent re-learning what is already known
  • It standardizes procedures and consolidates efforts so all are working towards the same goal
  • It moves the point of focus from finger-pointing to serious decision-making
  • It makes good manufacturing practices better

Use your Company’s nonconformance form as a CoOl TOol to report continuous improvement opportunities. The Request for Support form and other versions shown below are available in our library – opens in new tab/page – browse down the library page to title “Nonconformance Reports and Trend Chart”.