DLA Requires Nadcap Certification

Land and Maritime Supply puts Suppliers on notice that DLA requires Nadcap certification for phosphate coatings according to Nadcap quality system plan AC7004 or higher level quality plan AS9100.

We foretold DLA’s transition to “more requirements” when their Aviation sector specified “Tailored ISO 9001 quality control” instead of MIL-I-45208. Hold on…!  Now-a-days, DLA requires Suppliers to update ISO 9001 to AS9003 – and so it goes… To learn more, click here to browse slides from DLA’s Briefing.

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The DLA Land and Maritime supply chain is establishing a requirement that all companies performing phosphate coating be certified by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) according to certification requirements for Nadcap chemical processing. This applies to parts procured in Federal Supply Classes (FSC’s) 1005, 1010, 1015, 1055 and 1095. This Nadcap quality system plan AC7004 requirement will take effect after a six month grace period following initial notification allowing for certification to be achieved. The grace period has ended.

Browse fully compliant Nadcap quality system plan to learn more about creating quality control that complies with the notice that DLA requires Nadcap certification.