There are many reasons why some companies are gifted with workplace inspiration to produce and deliver quality products. Some of the reasons are their good intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent direction, and skillful execution of their policies and procedures.

Quality Philosophy

  1. Promote self-esteem.
  2. Listen and respond with empathy.
  3. Ask for help in solving problems.
  4. Offer help without taking responsibility.
  5. Always have a goal with plans to reach your goal.


  1. If its broke then fix it!
  2. If it can’t be fixed then change the spec!
  3. If the spec can’t be changed then scrap!
  4. If it can’t be scrapped, ask the Customer for permission to deliver what can’t be fixed.  It might be good enough, or it might send your Customer to your competition; in any event, if you ask, YOU LOSE.
  5. Stress solutions, not problems, and be serious about your work to promote workplace inspiration!