You are serious about work to keep the perfect job. One that fits your lifestyle, rewards your efforts and challenges your capabilities.

You’ve decided to remain serious about work until you retire from that big or small company and their management won’t argue with your decision. It’s a match for you and them that will last forever or until you become complacent about your work or lose your ability to remain serious about work. You can easily lose sight of the importance of what you do for the company because you’re so familiar with your job and at this time you are serious about work.

Listen carefully – don’t ever think you don’t have to do your best work or be on your best behavior or remain serious about work to stay with the company.

One day soon you’ll feel really bad or you’ll be thinking about something wonderful and you’ll be distracted or you’ll just be going through the motions because someone switched-on one of your emotions – and bang, you’re terminated.  At the time, you didn’t realize you were doing something wrong, but the kind of mistake you’ve made doesn’t leave the Company much choice about options for discipline.

If you lie to cover-up a little problem that you know won’t hurt anybody, or if you pencil-whip a record that indicates completion of a step in a process, or if you sign a document as a representative of your Company, you are subject to an ethical standard that transcends your employment, which presumes you are serious about work.

If you violate an ethical standard, your past employment history becomes a blank sheet of paper, regardless if you’ve helped to deliver million-dollar components, supported major projects, or you are the only person that can do what you do.  You’ve just given your Company a reason to distrust you and everything you’ve done in the past.  If you lose your Company’s trust, you’ve lost your job.

You will probably be forgiven if your capacity becomes diminished or if you lose an important document or component or if you miss a few days of work – you just can’t lose your trust.

PS:  Sign required documents with confidence that you’ve completed the work to the best of your ability and according to your training and your Company’s trust in you will remain intact even if something goes wrong because you are serious about work.

Remember – if you need to sign to get paid – don’t forget to sign!