DLA Replaces MIL-I-45208 with ISO 9001

DLA’s Master Solicitation requirement RQ001 has recently been updated to apply AS9003:2012 instead of ISO 9001. Gratefully, the 2012 version of AS9003 is based upon the old version of ISO 9001:2008.

If your Company used our “Tailored ISO QMS” to receive its letter of approval from DLA, click here to update ISO 9001 to AS9003. To learn more, click here to browse slides from DLA’s Briefing.

FYI: DLA continually adjusts its quality requirements according to the complexity of the product/service that is provided. Some contracts require compliance with a tailored ISO 9001 quality system, or ISO 9001 tailored to meet SAE AS9003, or full compliance with the 2008 or 2015 versions of ISO 9001, or more comprehensive program, such as AS9100.

The change from MIL-I-45208 to ISO 9001 has been pending since 1996, which is when MIL-I-45208 was cancelled without replacement.

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NOTICE: When Higher Level Quality is a requirement of a solicitation for DLA Aviation, quality systems complying with MIL-I-45208 will no longer be acceptable. A quality management program meeting ISO 9001 is required.

Posted: DLA Replaces MIL-I-45208 with ISO 9001 – of course, this is old news…


DLA Aviation solicitations that include FAR 52.246-11 require compliance with the ISO 9001 quality program according to the following paragraphs:

4. Quality management system

4.1 General requirements, excluding reference to 1.2 and excluding NOTE 3c)
4.2 Documentation requirements
4.2.1 General
4.2.2 ISO 9001 quality manual, excluding reference to 1.2
4.2.3 Control of documents
4.2.4 Control of records
4.2.5 Configuration Management is not applicable
5.1 Management commitment
5.2 Customer focus
5.3 Quality policy
5.4 Planning is not applicable
5.5 Responsibility, Authority and Communication is not applicable
5.6 Management Review is not applicable
6.1 Provision of Resources is not applicable
6.2.1 General is not applicable
6.2.2 Competence, training and awareness
6.3 Infrastructure is not applicable
6.4 Work Environment is not applicable
6.5 Corrective Maintenance is not applicable
7.1 Planning of product realization, excluding NOTE 2
7.2.1 Determination of requirements related to the product
7.2.2 Review of Requirements is not applicable
7.2.3 Customer communication
7.3.1 through 7.3.6 are not applicable
7.3.7 Control of design and development changes
7.4.1 Purchasing Process is not applicable
7.4.2 Purchasing Information is not applicable
7.4.3 Verification of purchased product
7.5.1 Control of production and service provision
7.5.2 Validation of Processes is not applicable
7.5.3 Identification and traceability
7.5.4 Customer property
7.5.5 Preservation of product
7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment
8.2.1 Customer satisfaction
8.2.2 Internal Audit is not applicable
8.2.3 Monitoring and Measurement of Processes is not applicable
8.2.4 Monitoring and measurement of product
8.3 Control of nonconforming product
8.4 Analysis of Data is not applicable
8.5.1 Continual Improvement is not applicable
8.5.2 Corrective action
8.5.3 Preventive action

Offerors may also propose a quality program that is comparable to the ISO 9001 QMS shown above. Quality systems complying with MIL-I-45208 will no longer be acceptable.

Offerors shall state in their quote/offer the quality system with which they will comply. If quoting through the DIBBS quoting system, the offeror should select “Other” from the dropdown box and provide the quality system with which they comply.

Manufacturers that cannot comply with the ISO quality management systems requirements or tailored version shown above, or a management program comparable to the full ISO 9001 QMS may be precluded from receiving awards.

Rich from Discovery Corporation reports:

“Two months after starting my quality improvement project, two QAR’s visited my facility for 2 days and approved my quality system. I now walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk of ISO 9001 after being compliant with MIL-I-45208 for so many years.”

Rich’s letter of approval for his Company’s tailored ISO 9001 QMS:

QSA Letter of Approval for Tailored ISO 9001

QSA Letter of Approval for Tailored ISO 9001