AISC Comprehensive Kit


The AISC comprehensive kit for steel fabricator/bridge/erector is compliant with standards sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction.

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The AISC comprehensive kit enables compliance with the latest release of AISC certification standard 207-16.

Supersedes 201-06 Structural Steel Fabricator, 204-8 Bridge and Highway Metal Component Manufacturer, 205-11 Steel Bridge Fabricator and 206-13 Structural Steel Erector standards.

The kit includes procedures and forms that are referenced in the quality manuals.

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The AISC comprehensive kit includes all documents listed below:


  • QMS-00 Quality Manuals (Fabricators & Erectors)
  • QMS-01 Control of Documented Information Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-02 Configuration Management Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-03 Safety Program
  • QMS-04 Management Process Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-05 Responsibilities and Authorities Procedure
  • QMS-06 Training Program (updated)
  • QMS-07 Contract Review and Proposal Development Procedure
  • QMS-08 Purchasing Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-08-1 Purchase Order Review
  • QMS-09 Receiving Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-10 Steel Work Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-11 Shipping Procedure
  • QMS-12 Internal Auditing Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-13 Corrective Action Procedure
  • QMS-14 Control of Nonconformances Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-15 Calibration System Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-16 Definitions and Abbreviations Procedure (in download, complementary)
  • QMS-17 Detailing Procedure (updated) (in download, complementary)
  • QMS-18 Design and Development Procedure (updated)
  • QMS-19 Safety Disciplinary Procedure
  • QMS-20 Hazard Analysis Procedure
  • QMS-21 Approval of Approval Documents Procedure (new, in download, complementary)
  • QMS-22 Application of Complex Protective Coatings, Supplemental Requirements (new, in download, complementary)
  • QMS-23 Painting Steel Structures Procedure
  • Construction Project Quality Plan/Program (in download)
  • Quality System Overview (in download)
  • Quality System Assessment, 207-16 (new, in download, complementary)


  • Communication Management Plan (new, in download)
  • Construction Readiness Review (in download)
  • Drawing Review (in download)
  • Facility Plan (in download)
  • General Standards for Construction Project (in download)


  • Action Item
  • Action Plan
  • Activity Hazard Analysis
  • Approved Supplier List
  • Bulletin (for realtime configuration changes)
  • Calculated Risk Release
  • Calibration Forms
  • Calibration Seal
  • Calibration Reference-Only Tag
  • Certificate of Test
  • Change Order
  • Chemical ID Tag
  • Coating Log (in download)
  • Contract Review
  • Corrective Action Request (internal and external)
  • Customer Perception Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Daily Field Coating Inspection Report
  • Daily Quality Control Report
  • Data List-Drawing Tree
  • Design Review Form (in download)
  • Document Issue Log
  • Document Revision Log
  • Document Transmittal Log
  • Drawing Template, Size A
  • Equipment List
  • Failure Analysis Report
  • Impact Analysis
  • Index of Drawings
  • Inspection Form
  • Inspection Instruction
  • Inspection Record
  • Inspection Report
  • Inspection Summary
  • Inspection Test Plan (alternate styles in download)
  • Inspector Stamp Log
  • Internal Audit Template
  • Invoice and Packing Slip
  • Job Description Template
  • Job Sheet
  • Management Meeting Report
  • Material Certification (alternate style in download)
  • Nonconformance Disposition Report
  • Nonconformance Report Form (alternate styles in download)
  • Packing Slip (archive if not used)
  • Paint Mill Log
  • Program Register (in download)
  • Property Certificate from Supplier
  • Property Control Tag
  • Property Management Log
  • Property Record
  • Punch List
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition
  • QC Tags
  • Receiving Hold Tag
  • Receiving Inspection Record
  • Receiving Log
  • Request for Change
  • Request for Corrective Action (alternate style in download)
  • Request for Deviation/Waiver
  • Request for Information
  • Request for Information Log
  • Request for Quote
  • Requisition
  • Routing Ticket (alternate styles in download)
  • Sampling Plan (in download)
  • Schedule to QMS Registration (in download)
  • Shelf Life Expiration Log
  • Shipping Log
  • Submittal Register (alternate styles in download)
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Performance Rating (spreadsheet in download)
  • Supplier Quality Requirements
  • Supplier Rating Cover Letter
  • Survey Report
  • Training Certificate (alternate style in download)
  • Training Log (updated)
  • Training Matrix for QMS Procedures (updated)
  • Training Orientation Request
  • Training Program Progress Report Spreadsheet
  • Transmittal Register (in download, complementary)
  • Trend Chart: Customer Satisfaction
  • Trend Chart: Delivery Rating
  • Trend Chart: Nonconformances
  • Validation/Verification
  • Vehicle Safety Checklist (in download, complementary)
  • Welding Log
  • Writing Procedure Template (alternate styles in download)

The following docs are required for Standard (Simple), Intermediate and Advanced Bridge Construction

Complementary (in download)

  • Approval of Approval Documents Procedure (Construction Document Review & Communication)
  • Application of Complex Protective Coating Procedure
  • Confined Space Procedure
  • Control and Protection of Openings
  • Equipment Periodic Inspection
  • Fall Protection Standard
  • Inspection Plan
  • Lockout Tagout Procedure
  • Painting Steel Structures Procedure
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program
  • Site Specific Safety Plan
  • Vehicle Safety Checklist
  • WPS Template (Welding Procedure Specification)


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